BELS Information

The Education and Skills service transferred on 1 September 2020 to Barnet Education & Learning Service (BELS), the new company established and owned by the council.  The company and the council have appointed the following people as Directors:
  • Councillor David Longstaff (Chairman of the Children, Education & Safeguarding Committee and Lead Member for Children’s Services)
  • Chris Munday (Executive Director, Children’s Services, London Borough of Barnet)
  • Ben Thomas (Assistant Director, Education, Strategy and Partnerships, London Borough of Barnet)
  • Sarah Sands, Chair of Barnet Primary Headteachers’ Forum
  • Samson Olusanya, Chair of Barnet Secondary Headteachers’ Forum
  • Lisa Coffman, Barnet Parent-Carer Forum
  • Ricky Rebello, BELS staff rep
  • Ian Harrison, Chief Executive and Director of Education and Learning, Barnet Education and Learning Service

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors