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CONNECT - The Network for Global Learning in Education

Connect Global Learning Barnet Education & Learning Service

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is more important than ever to bring a global dimension to the classroom.


Connect is an organisation that helps schools and settings ensure pupils are well-positioned to succeed in today’s globalised world by embedding teaching and learning practices that respond to the needs of and reflect our diverse communities. The only organisation of its kind nationally, Connect supports schools and settings in connecting and collaborating both locally and globally to broaden pupil’s horizons, develop their active global citizenship skills, and deliver an inclusive, anti-racist, and relevant curriculum so pupils can engage with the world’s most pressing issues, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change.


Connect provides on-going support in accessing funding, training, free resources and curriculum development opportunities. Ofsted reports show that the global learning approach in Connect schools has led to an ‘Outstanding’ judgement, evidencing that the lessons learned through Connect can have an impact on the entire school.


Connect works closely with the British Council and has links with the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) and a range of global learning and international development education organisations, allowing CONNECT subscribers to enjoy the benefits of a truly global classroom experience.


Benefits of Connect’s global learning approach

  • Improve standards

  • Enable inclusive delivery in all curriculum areas

  • Support outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) skills development


Included in Connect membership

  • Guidance and support in developing both funded and non-funded school projects

  • Support in embedding global learning and active citizenship across the curriculum

  • Unique opportunities to participate in school linking & intercultural education programmes in the UK and globally

  • Access to a network of schools providing advice and expertise

  • Support with gaining accreditation


Learn more about Connect’s impact inside and outside of the classroom by viewing case studies on their website.


Interested in discovering how Connect can work in your school? Reach out to Anne Roots via email at, or Des Georgiou at 020 8359 7780 or via email at

Looking to enhance language learning at your school? The Modern Language Assistant (MLA) service can help. Learn more about how having a native speaker in the classroom can improve language learning and intercultural awareness by viewing our MLA service.

From April 2023, the Connect service is being withdrawn. 

Schools can use BPSI hours to access consultancy with Anne Roots to provide guidance and training for schools in embedding a global dimension to the curriculum, preparing bids, accessing funding and understanding the range of opportunities for schools to develop international links, partnerships and CPD activities.

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