Modern Language Assistants

The provision of Connect Modern Language Assistants' (native French, Spanish, German, Italian speakers) is arranged in liaison with the British Council. 

This service supports the standard British Council MLA contract (a minimum of 12 hours a week) however it also facilitates a local sharing arrangement for schools wanting an assistant for less than 12 hours a week.  Assistants are employed from 1 October  to 31 May across both primary and secondary schools.

Who are Modern Language Assistants?

  • University undergraduates, graduates or trainee teachers who have undergone a competitive selection process.

What can Modern Language Assistants do in the classroom?

  • Support the introduction of a new language, or support existing language provision.

  • Work with small groups (up to 15) on their own, or whole class in the presence of a teacher.

  • Create lesson plans and develop teaching materials based on contemporary culture.

  • Support exam preparation with new resources, such as recordings for listening practice.

  • Deliver interactive classroom activities on topics such as culture and celebrations.

This service includes:

  • co-ordination of requests from schools and liaises with the British Council to obtain MLA dossiers and throughout the employment period

  • management of the sharing arrangements between schools

  • management of salaries (invoiced to schools).

  • training and support for MLAs and host schools

  • advice on the production of suitable resources for the use of the MLA

  • advice on good practice and effective deployment of the MLA

What are the benefits?

  • improvement of pupils’ overall language ability and self-confidence in speaking.

  • increased motivation to learn languages.

  • development of intercultural skills and a greater intercultural awareness.

  • increased confidence and accuracy in language ability among teachers.

For more information contact


Des Georgiou

MLA Programme Faciliator

020 8359 7780