Inclusion advisory team (IAT)

The Inclusion Advisory Team (IAT) consists of advisory teachers who specialise in supporting schools and settings to enable the successful inclusion of children and young people with SEND.


The following advisory roles can be accessed through the IATtraded offer:

  • Social Emotional and Behavioural Advisory Teacher (SEMH)

  • Literacy Needs Advisory Teacher

  • Speech Language Communication Needs Advisory Teacher

  • Inclusion Advisory Teacher.

IAT provide support to schools and settings, at all levels, to achieve positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.


Accessing IAT traded service provides the following benefits:

  • attendance at termly SENCO conferences at no additional cost (these conferences regularly receive extremely positive feedback from the Barnet
    SENCO community)

  • SEN health checks and SEN audits

  • bespoke planning and training from highly skilled consultants enabling educational settings to develop skills and expertise

  • support for leadership staff in schools and SENCOs /Inclusion managers to provide direction and support for their teams working with children with SEND

  • support in developing person centred planning and reviews; provision mapping; documentation and statutory processes

  • assistance in the development of policies, guidelines and practice to support the inclusion of children
    with SEND

  • consultation, advice and support to improve outcomes for children in specific areas of SEN (e.g. SLCN, specific literacy needs and social, emotional and behavioural needs)

  • support and advice for teaching and support staff including the implementation of effective interventions

  • access to teacher/teaching assistant coaching to develop practice of your school staff

  • advice, support and training in the development of whole school programmes

  • attendance and support at professional meetings

  • telephone guidance and a quick response to unforeseen problems.


Specialised support the IAT advisory teachers can provide

  • advice and strategies to enable the successful inclusion of children / young people with SEMH needs, including whole school programmes.

  • support and guidance with regards to whole school behaviour policies, PSPs and risk assessments.

  • staff coaching

  • providing whole school SEND reviews and audits that support a self-assessment framework with clear outcomes and actions

  • assisting in the development of policies, guidelines and practice to support the inclusion of children with SEND.

  • SENCO support

  • identification and assessment of children and young people with SLCN.

  • providing specific SLCN strategies and interventions for schools / settings to implement

  • training on evidenced based SLCN programmes

  • identifying, establishing, demonstrating and reviewing appropriate interventions  

  • providing curriculum based assessments

  • assisting with all transition stages including liaison with the new setting.

For more information contact




020 8359 ???


For more information contact


Barley Birney

Head of Specialist Inclusion Services/Principal Educational Psychologist

020 8359 2472

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