Newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction

Barnet acts as an appropriate body for NQT induction.
The appropriate body has the main quality assurance role within the induction process and it is responsible for ensuring that schools are aware of, and can meet, the requirements for NQT Induction set out in the statutory guidance.


The Appropriate Body service covers

  • advice and guidance for induction tutors and NQTs

  • quality assurance of reports and induction arrangements

  • access to NQT manager including resources, training and support

  • training for new and existing induction tutors

  • regular newsletters and updates

  • school visits from NQT lead adviser to new subscribers

  • half-day visits to schools where NQTs may be struggling.


Primary NQT induction training programme

The optional training programme includes:

  • comprehensive programme to address the challenges for teachers during induction

  • highly experienced subject and phase-

  • specific tutors

  • networking opportunities for NQTs with experienced colleagues and each other

  • events programme to support NQT development and increase retention

  • many elements also appropriate and useful for School Direct teachers, overseas trained teachers, and others new to teaching.


For more information contact


Steve Marshall

NQT Induction Lead

020 8359 6354

For more information contact




020 8359 ???