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T Levels – A new Post -16 option for Barnet students from September 2023

As we celebrate National Careers Week 2022, we wanted to share more information about the new T-level qualification that will be available to Barnet students from September 2023. Here, BELS' Senior Curriculum Adviser Tracy Parrott answers commonly asked questions about T-Levels.

What are T-Levels?

T-Levels are an exciting qualification which will be available in the Borough of Barnet from September 2023. They were introduced in September 2020 and are the equivalent to 3 A Levels.

Which subjects can students study?

Students study one T-Level worth three A Levels. Subjects include: Health, Science, Engineering, Digital Business Service and many more. The lists of T-Level subjects can be found here: T Level subjects | T Levels

What will students learn?

The content for each T-Level has been designed and developed in collaboration with employers and businesses.

How will students be graded?

Students are awarded a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*

What does this mean for students?

This means what students learn meets the needs of the industry, but most importantly prepares students for the working world.

How will students learn?

T-Levels offer students a mixture of classroom learning and “on the job” learning. 80% of the time is spent in school / college and the other 20% is spent in the workplace.

What is 20% equal to?

Students carry out an industry placement during the two year course which is equal to approximately 45 days or 315 hours.

What makes T-Levels so unique?

They are a brand new innovative qualification blending classroom experience with industry experience. Furthermore leading businesses and employers played a key role in designing T Levels, so they definitely provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.

Where will a T-Level student be able to progress to at 18?

A T-level student can progress to employment within their chosen industry, university, or a higher apprenticeship. If a student impresses the employer during the industry placement, they may be offered a role as an apprentice through a Higher Apprenticeship.

Where can students/parents hear more about T-Levels from current students?

We will keep you updated with our T-Level developments and we are excited about the doors they will open for Barnet students.

Schools can learn more about T-Levels by contacting Tracy Parrott at or by visiting Schools are invited to attend our T-Level CPD Conference 4th May; contact Tracy Parrott to find out more.

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