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School Governor Training Programme Barnet London

Your governing board plays a vital role in improving school performance.


BELS’ Governor Services helps governing boards work more effectively through comprehensive training and support. With training covering a wide range of topics, this service equips governors with the skills needed to improve school performance and ensure effective school governance, regardless of what stage of development the governor is in.


Governor Support and Development Programme


Governor Training

  • Unlimited access for governors to an enhanced range of courses covering the latest topics and changes impacting school governance, including membership of all specialist discussion forums to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and good practice.

  • Termly focus on Ofsted preparation to familiarise governors with requirements under the new Ofsted framework, empowering governors with the information they need to achieve a positive Ofsted rating

  • Termly ‘news update’ briefings, newsletters and reports to prepare governors for the term ahead and help deal with forthcoming challenges, some of which are delivered as webinars/video briefings to be viewed at the convenience of busy governors.

  • Termly induction courses for new governors to gain essential local knowledge and the fundamentals of school governorship

  • Termly essential updates for your clerk to ensure effectiveness in their role.

  • It is strongly recommended that new governors attend the Induction for Newish Governors and Level 1 Safeguarding Training within the first 6 months of their governorship. Please email to find out when the next of these sessions will take place.


Procedural and Constitutional Advice and Support

  • Guidance on constitutional matters, including membership and Instrument of Governance (IOG) from drafting to signing and sealing by the Local Authority’s Legal Service

  • Guidance on procedural matters, including support with election procedures and the necessary paperwork which complies with current regulation

  • Additional support with Local Authority Governor appointments

  • Termly agenda guidance to ensure your governing board considers the items of importance for each term

  • Support and signposting for governor recruitment

  • Chair mentoring available for new Chairs

  • Advice on the federation of governing bodies

  • Procedural and constitutional advice available for your Clerk as and when they require support.

Bespoke Training Offer

We also offer a Bespoke Training service that is tailored to the unique needs of your school and governing body. We can arrange these sessions for both subscribing and non-subscribing schools.


General Information

Learn more about the role of school governors by visiting the School Governors page on the London Borough of Barnet website.


Discover how Governor Services can improve your school’s performance by reaching out to

If you are from a BAME community and interested in becoming a school governor, you are invited to join a free taster training session to learn the foundations of being a school governor. Please email if you are interested in attending this taster session.


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