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Barnet Education & Learning Service, School Services Greater London


Whatever your schools needs, we offer a range of services, training, and programmes to help schools and settings succeed. 

BPSI is an innovative partnership that improves school outcomes by offering a high-quality training programme and consultancy support to members, as well as facilitating the sharing of best practices between schools.

BELS offers a variety of educational data services to empowers schools and settings to make the decisions they need to best support pupils and improve school performance.

An Educational Psychologist works in educational & community settings to improve outcomes for children and young people under age 25.

BELS’ Governor Services help  governing boards work more effectively through comprehensive training and support, covering a variety of topics.

Connect’s MLAs will help teach your pupils their target language, whilst supporting your school in delivering an excellent foreign language programme that is rich in culture and supported by the current best practices for language learning.

Our Science Health & Safety Advice subscriptions ensure schools have access to the latest advice and guidance so pupils can learn in a safe environment.

The only organisation of its kind nationally, Connect helps schools & settings ensure pupils are well-positioned to succeed in today’s globalised world by embedding teaching and learning practices that respond to the needs of and reflect our diverse communities.

Acting as the Appropriate Body for ECT induction, we ensure Early Career Teachers receive the support they need to succeed. 

Our Education Welfare services support schools to address attendance issues while prioritising pupil safety and wellbeing. 

The Inclusion Advisory Team (IAT) consists of advisory teachers who specialise in supporting schools & settings to enable the successful inclusion of children and young people with SEND.

BELS offers a variety of Post-16 services to support pupils between the ages of 13-24 with the information, advice and guidance they need to succeed in the classroom and in their careers.

What Our Clients Say

School Improvement Services Barnet and Greater London, Barnet Education & Learning Service

Whitefield School, BPSI (Satisfaction Survey, Oct. 2021)

"Helpful support, accessible whenever needed. Tailored for what is needed. Staff always approachable, and know the school very well as [they] have built up positive relationships across a number of years. Thank you!"

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