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Science Health and Safety

Staying informed on the latest health and safety advice and guidance can ensure pupils are able to learn in a safe environment.

To help you provide a safe learning experience for pupils, we offer two subscriptions:

  1. The Science Health & Safety Advice Service (SHSA) provides subscribers with the most up-to-date information on health and safety concerns in the classroom and provides subscribers with membership of the CLEAPSS service through LA membership (for non-independent schools)

  2.  A statutory Radiation Protection Adviser Role (RPA) through LA membership of the CLEAPSS Radiation Protection Officer Service (RPO) for schools where the LA is not the employer.


BELS’ SHSA service allows subscribers to enjoy continued access to health and safety advice, resources and guidance. The CLEAPSS membership also provides a convenient way for subscribers to access future newsletters, resources, guidance, and advice.


BELS’ RPO service gives access to advice and guidance regarding holding, use, purchase and disposal of radioactive sources, where relevant. You must have a subscription with CLEAPSS in order to purchase this RPO subscription.


Learn more about the benefits of the Science Health & Safety Advice Service by reaching out to Steve Marshall at 020 8359 6354 or at


**Service only available to schools within the London Borough of Barnet

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