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School Inclusion, Inclusion Advisory Team Barnet London

The Inclusion Advisory Team (IAT) consists of advisory teachers who specialise in supporting schools and settings to enable the successful inclusion of children and young people with SEND.


IAT provides support to schools and settings, at all levels, to achieve positive outcomes for children, young people and their families. This support includes class and individual referrals, whole school training, class training and access to central training to help create an environment where children and young people can thrive. Our IAT service offers support for a range of needs, whether you need assistance in developing SEND policies or additional support for those who have just started their role as a SENCO.


The advisory roles that can be accessed through the IAT traded service include:

  • Social Emotional and Behavioural Advisory Teacher (SEMH)

  • Advisory Teacher to support with core curriculum work including literacy and adapted teaching

  • Speech Language Communication Needs Advisory Teacher

  • Inclusion Advisory Teachers who support with strategic elements of SEND including up to date information on latest research


Accessing the IAT traded service offers a range of benefits:

  • Attendance at termly SENCO conferences at no additional cost.

  • SEND Reviews – A peer to peer self-evaluation framework that looks at strengths, easy wins and more longer-term strategies. Accessing a SEND Review gives you access to range of resources, ongoing support and coaching from IAT and peer SENCos to develop practice in schools

  • Analytical Reflection – This involves choosing one aspect of SEND and working on reviewing what this looks like, how it can be developed, and what can be shared with the wider school community.

  • Bespoke planning and training from highly skilled consultants enabling educational settings to develop skills and expertise

  • Support for leadership staff in schools and SENCOs /Inclusion managers to provide direction and support for their teams working with children with SEND

  • Support in developing person-centred planning and reviews; provision mapping; documentation and statutory processes

  • Assistance in the development of policies, guidelines, and practice to support the inclusion of children with SEND

  • Consultation, advice and support to improve outcomes for children in specific areas of SEN (e.g. SLCN, specific literacy needs and social, emotional and behavioural needs)

  • Support and advice for teaching and support staff including the implementation of effective interventions

  • Access to teacher/teaching assistant coaching to develop practice of your school staff

  • Advice, support and training in the development of whole school programmes

  • Attendance and support at professional meetings

  • New to SENCo Training sessions across the year – this is a support group for SENCos who are new in the role.

  • Access to a range of toolkits and training around using these tools and skills in your schools to empower teachers to better support SEND pupils.

  • Individual referrals for children actioned in a timely way with practical advice and strategies to support the young person, the staff, follow-up sessions, reviews, and modelling of strategies if required

  • telephone guidance and a quick response to unforeseen problems.

  • Access to intervention support


Support for Out of Borough Services:

IAT also provides SEND Conferences or bespoke training for other boroughs, schools outside Barnet, charities, and organisations in Greater London. These services are highly informative and are delivered in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand, so that you can effectively implement these strategies in your organisation. In describing one of our sessions, a Headteacher from Hammersmith and Fulham said, “it was a very informative and helpful presentation by people who clearly know what they are talking about and delivered in a friendly and engaging way. Online training is a challenge and the trainers delivered the session well and maintained our attention.”


Some of the specialised support the IAT and SEMH advisory teachers can provide to your school or setting includes:

  • advice and strategies to enable the successful inclusion of children / young people with SEMH needs, including whole school programmes.

  • support and guidance with regards to whole school behaviour policies.

  • staff coaching and modelling

  • individual and class referral


​IAT Teachers:

  • providing whole school SEND reviews and reflections that support a self-assessment framework with clear outcomes and actions

  • assisting in the development of policies, guidelines and practice to support the inclusion of children with SEND.

  • SENCO support and mentoring

  • Individual referrals for children to support core curriculum access


SLCN Advisory Teachers:

  • identification and assessment of children and young people with SLCN.

  • providing specific SLCN strategies and interventions for schools / settings to implement

  • training on evidenced based SLCN programmes

  • identifying, establishing, demonstrating, and reviewing appropriate interventions 

  • providing curriculum-based assessments

  • assisting with all transition stages including liaison with the new setting


Discover how our Inclusion Advisory Team (IAT) can equip your school or setting with the tools you need to support children and young people with SEND by contacting Joann Moore at

To view and book upcoming trainings, click here.


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