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Barnet Partnership for School Improvement

Schools possess a great deal of expertise that, if properly shared, facilitated, and acted upon, will benefit the wider school community and improve the outcomes of all pupils. The Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI) aims to support this process by delivering a high-quality training programme and consultancy support, as well as facilitating the sharing of good practice between schools and settings.


BPSI is an innovative partnership of schools and settings that effectively pool money each year to fund school improvement support among member schools. As we believe those who work in the schools each day know the unique needs of their school best, the BPSI service is steered by schools through regular meetings of the BPSI Steering group, consisting of Barnet School headteachers, providing direct feedback to BPSI management. With each of our 80+ BPSI advisors having been recommended by Barnet headteachers, our team provides your school or setting with a training programme that improves school outcomes, consultancy in your school that impacts upon practice, and support for exchange of best practices between schools and settings to encourage collaboration and creativity and benefit the wider school community. All BPSI member schools have discounted access to TheSchoolBus, an invaluable information tool which provides users with resources and compliance guidance for all school management areas.


Membership of the partnership allows schools to relax, secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of their school’s CPD needs will be professionally and competently addressed. BPSI member schools benefit from having professional guidance a phone call away, experienced advisors who are responsive to the unique needs of the school, engagement with other BPSI member schools to support school improvement, and access to high-profile speakers and experts as part of the annual conference programme.

BPSI Coaching Offer

Coaching is a means by which staff can be supported in any aspect of their professional or personal life.  Coaching offers a confidential, structured space to reflect on leadership, professional behaviours, career aspirations and people management.


It has the potential to be so powerful in supporting all school staff to re-set and re-motivate as a response to the most incredibly challenging two years, when many are suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’. 


Here’s how it could help you in your school setting:

  • It can provide the opportunity for a series of focused professional conversations, designed to help staff in developing specific professional skills to enhance their individual practice

  • It can be used to support individual staff in overcoming barriers and setting their own goals for success

  • It can also be used to support a newly formed senior leadership team to establish their vision and values, or to help a more experienced group to re-set and re-evaluate.

  • It can support those teachers new to the profession in finding their voice

  • It can help all school leaders, at every level, in having those difficult conversations which are essential to school improvement

  • It can help leaders at all levels to support and challenge their colleagues effectively

  • It can support staff well-being (personal as well as professional)


​Essentially, coaching can help realise goals, address challenges and can literally help us get better at life. 

Here is who can support you with this.  Every coach on the BPSI website has something different to offer, you can view their profiles here. Please do contact the coach who best meets your needs.  They can then tailor their services to best meet the needs in your school.

BPSI Early Years

Bespoke consultancy, advice and training is provided through BPSI Early Years supporting children from birth to six years. This traded service has been a very well received part of the service for over 10 years and includes a comprehensive training plan which changes annually to meet the needs of our schools. Bespoke school-based training and consultancy is arranged using BPSI hours. Outreach work to schools outside of Barnet is well established. Our core advisors are led by Helen Cheung, Strategic Lead for Early Years in Schools. Ceri Gillo, Early Years Advisory teacher provides core support to schools and settings. We have also have a team of school based or freelance advisors to add to the offer. Should you wish to get in touch with the BPSI Early Years Team please email:

Learn more about how becoming a member of BPSI can benefit your school by visiting the BSPI website here or by reaching out to our Director for School Improvement and Traded Services, Neil Marlow, at 020 8359 7725 or email at


Already a BPSI member? Discover and book one of our courses here.


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