BPSI (Barnet Partnership for School Improvement)

                 BPSI Member schools

Schools possess a great deal of expertise that if properly shared, facilitated and acted upon will benefit the wider school community and improve the outcomes of all pupils. BPSI aims to support this process by delivering a high quality training programme and consultancy support and facilitating the sharing of good practice between schools.


BPSI provides:

  • a training programme that improves school outcomes

  • consultancy in your school that impacts upon practice

  • support for exchange of best between schools

Steered by schools
BPSI is a partnership of schools that effectively pool money each year to fund school improvement support. The service is paid for and steered by schools via regular meeting of the Steering Group comprised of Barnet School headteachers providing direct feedback to BPSI management.

Why become a member?
Membership of the partnership allows schools to relax, secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of their school’s CPD needs will be professionally and competently addressed.
Partnership fees are based on pupil numbers. The number of ‘BPSI hours’ allocated to each school is also based on pupil numbers.  Each school uses BPSI hours to access in school support from any of our 80+ advisers.

All BPSI schools receive open access to our training programme of over 350 events (the vast majority of which are included in your partnership fee).


BPSI schools benefit from:

  • professional guidance a phone call away

  • experienced advisers who are responsive to the needs of the school

  • all BPSI advisors have been recommended by a Barnet headteacher

  • engagement with other BPSI schools to support school improvement

  • access to high-profile speakers and experts as part of annual conference programme.


In addition to access to our training programme, in-school consultancy, BPSI members have discounted access to TheSchoolBus, an invaluable information tool which provides users with resources and compliance guideance for all school management areas.

For more information on BPSI services, please see our main website www.bpsi.org.uk

For more information contact


Neil Marlow

Assistant Director, School Improvement & Traded Services

020 8359 7725


Carrie Waldren

Training & Traded Services Co-ordinator

020 8359 6325