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Educational Data


It is essential that all schools have a firm understanding of how well their pupils are progressing and how their school’s achievement data compares with schools locally and nationally for all pupils and for key groups.


There are a number of tools available to school leaders and governors in order to support them with this including the DfE’s Analyse School Performance (ASP), the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR), Fischer Family Trust (FFT), the Barnet School Profile and Barnet Route MAP. The Educational Data Traded Service supports schools in understanding and interpreting all of the data available, both published free of charge and through a subscription.


Schools that purchase the Educational Data package get:

  • Subscription to Fischer Family Trust (FFT) - FFT is a non-profit company established in 2001, focusing solely on providing accurate and insightful information which enables pupils to achieve their full potential and for schools to improve.

  • Barnet School Profile (for Barnet primary schools) – An early overview of the results for the school from EYFS to KS2

  • Route MAP (Primary) - Route MAP was developed in response to the challenge of monitoring pupil progress in a world where assessment is measured without levels.  Legacy progress tracking systems have monitored progress and attainment primarily through “objective ticking”, which can present an inaccurate picture of attainment and progress during the academic year.  The Route MAP (Monitoring Attainment and Progress) for pupils supports in-year attainment and progress monitoring.  It does this by providing a simple and accessible framework that enables teachers and senior leaders to assess the attainment and progress of pupils using their professional judgement and holistic knowledge of the pupils.

  • Nexus Reports - All Barnet schools get a basic view of Perspective Lite through NCER. However, if you subscribe to this Traded Service you will receive enhanced access which includes a suite of reports for early analysis of attainment data and early (realtime) comparators with National and Barnet.

  • Data Training - free access to central training on: DfE Analyse School Performance (ASP); Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR); FFT; Barnet School Profile, Route MAP and Nexus

  • E mail support on data


Any of the above can be purchased separately. Contact us for more details.


Free School Meal (FSM) Checking Service


To secure maximum funding for your school, it is important that you identify those pupils who attract a premium to ensure extra support for those students.   This service maximises your funding by:

  • providing access to the national FSM checking service on an ‘on demand’ basis

  • running your full school census return against Barnet Revenues and Benefits to ensure that all FSM eligible pupils are identified.

For more information contact


Karanjit Dhami

Data Services Manager 

020 8359 3047