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SEN Assessments & Placements Team London Borough of Barnet


The Statutory Assessment Team undertakes new EHC Assessments for children and young people resident in Barnet. For children with an existing EHC Plan the team monitors and reviews the EHC Plans via the Annual Review process and issues amended EHC Plans when needs, provision or educational setting changes.

There is a wealth of information available on the Local Offer SENCo Zone to guide schools on SEN processes.

The team are comprised of SEN Caseworkers who carry out the separate functions of the team:

  • EHC Assessment Caseworkers

    • Complete EHC assessments within 20 weeks

    • Consult with schools following the panel decision and taking account of parental preference

    • Complete any Phase Transfer process and placement decisions required before the child/young person’s 1st A/R including putting to special school panel

    • Consult for school placements and Adopt EHC Plans /complete EHC assessments for Movers In

  • Monitoring & Review Caseworkers (see Caseworker & Manager allocation here)​

    • Attend annual reviews:

      • Y5/Penultimate Leaver review

      • Emergency A/R’s and managing placement changes

      • Independent & Residential placements (prioritised)

      • Children Missing Education

      • Electively Home Educated​

    • Amend EHC plans

    • Cease EHC plans

    • Complete Phase Transfer processes for pre and post 16 children and young people (see link to Local Offer for more information including phase transfer presentation)

  • Annual Review Co-ordinators

    • Process A/R Paperwork and issue decision letter

    • Review outcomes & provision – putting to panel for changes in banding/type

    • Update SYNERGY with end of Key Stage Outcomes progress

Contact the team on: 020 8359 7007 or contact the team at:

There are two additional roles to the Team:

  • Edith Okoye is responsible for supporting both Barnet Looked After Children and LAC children from other authorities living in Barnet and attending Barnet schools

  • Aneliese Pittman is responsible for managing Tribunal cases and Disagreement Resolution to prevent Appeals to the Tribunal

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