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Become a Young Barnet Foundation School Partner

Add your school's voice and experience to Young Barnet Foundation's network of hundreds of other Barnet organisations and connect with local voluntary sector organisations to enhance the support, opportunities and enriching activities available to your most vulnerable pupils.

Many of Barnet’s schools have already joined with around half of those schools welcoming projects, interventions and support that has been delivered within their school or to their pupils. To date, over 500 of Barnet’s most disadvantaged pupils have benefitted from these projects, at little or no cost to their school or parents.

This term, delivery has extended to a further 5 schools in Barnet with delivery taking place right up until Christmas, and future projects being planned for Spring Term. Projects range from pad boxing and behaviour support to food parcels and education, in class education on brain health and out of school performing arts activities.

Becoming a School Partner is quick and absolutely free! You can sign your school up here to be able to access a range of funded activities to benefit your pupils.

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