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Best Feedback From Satisfaction Surveys Ever!

Over the last six years, every October, we have sent out Satisfaction Surveys to all Barnet state schools and PVIs and Childminders, asking three questions about BELS services:

Q1: How Satisfied are you with this service?

  • Extremely Satisfied

  • Satisfied

  • Not Satisfied

  • Not at all Satisfied

Q2: How likely (0-10) is it that you would recommend this Service to another school or setting or colleague?


Any response that gives 0-6 are termed ‘Detractors’

Any response that gives 7-8 are termed ‘Passive’

Any response that gives 9-10 are termed ‘Promoters’

The scores from all the respondents gives us a Net Promotor Score (NPS). These scores range from -100 to +100. To calculate the Net Promoter Score we subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. e.g. if 50% of respondents were Promoters and 10% were Detractors, the Net Promoter is a score of 40.

Q3: Why did you give this score?

An opportunity to write any comments about the service

The services that we sought their views on were:

Traded or partly-traded services:

  • BPSI

  • ECT Appropriate Body support

  • Governor Services

  • Data Services

  • Education Welfare Team

  • Educational Psychology Service

  • Inclusion Advisory Team

  • Catering (school meals)

Non-traded services:

  • School Improvement service (non-traded – Learning Network Inspectors, Safeguarding & Exclusions, PREVENT etc)

  • Specialists Inclusion Services (e.g. Autism Team, Sensory Teams, Physical Difficulties Team and BEAM)

  • SEN Team (Assessments and Placements)

  • Admissions Team

  • The Virtual School

  • Early Years Standards Team

Analysis of the Satisfaction Surveys

When the surveys closed, we analysed the responses in order to give us:

  1. a percentage for each service who were either Extremely Satisfied or Satisfied; We received an overall satisfaction level of 96.16%, the highest level of satisfaction since we started doing these surveys. It is pleasing to note the five-year improving trend regarding the schools’ satisfaction with our services.

  2. a Net Promoter Score (NPS) The Overall NPS this year was +437 (+199 in 2021); the best Net Promotor Scores in the 6 years we have been conducting these surveys.

  3. the individual comments written for Question 3

A selection of comments from the surveys, one from each service:

  • “Responsive in a timely fashion”

  • “XXXXX is a consummate professional . She is a clear communicator, knows her stuff and goes the extra mile. She knows our school and it’s context very well.”

  • “XXXXX is always professional and helpful, and works so thoughtfully with our school community, showing consideration and understanding of our cultural needs.”

  • “Solutions and support sought are usually given quickly and with good outcomes.”

  • “Very hard working, knowledgeable, supportive team who help all schools steer through the constantly changing picture of education requirements, best practice and challenges with great skill. You keep me sane and positive thank you!”

  • “The team does a difficult job. Emails or queries are dealt with promptly. Advice has always been useful.”

  • “XXXXX has been an incredible support for us. She offers a perspective that informs and shapes our practice to be even better!”

  • “XXXXX leads an efficient and brilliant team. Any query is answered in a short amount of time. The advice is always so helpful. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with XXXXX and her team. Sometimes queries need to be dealt with quickly and this is always the case. This is an efficient and outstanding service.”

  • “Consistent advice on a relevant range of issues. It has also helped us work with other schools.”

  • “It is a straight forward efficient service.”

  • “The depth of expertise cannot be matched elsewhere”

  • “Good service overall”

  • “Helpful. Have always given me the advice I needed.”

  • “They are always on the end of the line if you need any support.”

For more information about our services please click here.

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