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BPSI Coaching: providing 'Reset, Recovery, and Renaissance' to school staff

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The past two years have presented unprecedented challenges for us all, but particularly for those who work in education. Many have found themselves working long hours, learning new technology on a short turnaround to continue engaging with pupils, and supporting projects and programmes to address the needs of children and young people whose learning and wellbeing were disrupted by the pandemic. With new reports and a growing body of research revealing how the challenges of the past two years have affected those in the education field, it is perhaps more important than ever to empower school staff with the tools and support they need to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

The BPSI Coaching Offer presents a great opportunity for staff to develop their skills and improve their social and emotional wellbeing. Although a long-standing offering from BPSI, it is now being relaunched as a way to better support staff as we emerge from the pandemic. Learning Network Inspector and BPSI Coaching Coordinator Katie Dawbarn said, “The BPSI coaching offer has been in existence for a number of years. However, we are raising its profile – as we believe that school staff need a bit of 'Reset, Recovery, and Renaissance' at the moment. Staff well-being is high on the agenda (quite rightly) and coaching is an excellent way to enhance this – as well as great Continuing Professional Development.” As part of BELS’ Reset, Recovery, and Renaissance Project, schools have all been given ten extra hours to use for professional development, whether or not they are BPSI members, and BPSI Coaching is an excellent way to use them.

Coaching is an excellent way to support staff in any aspect of their professional or personal life, offering a confidential, structured space to reflect on career aspirations, leadership, professional behaviours, and people management. Especially with many suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’ and growing concerns of burnout, BPSI Coaching is a powerful way to support staff to help them feel motivated, address challenges, and determine what’s next for them in their career.

BPSI Coaching offers a range of benefits for staff at all levels, regardless of where they are in their career journey. A BPSI Coach can help improve staff well-being, inside and outside of the classroom, as well as ensure staff feel valued where they work. Further, with many of our BPSI Coaches having worked as educators previously, they are able to provide informed advice and guidance on career paths, empowering staff to continue developing their skills and giving them the confidence to find their voice and pursue leadership roles. A BPSI Coach can also encourage staff to use their unique background and skills in their work, augmenting their creativity and helping staff to better problem solve. Coaching can also have a lasting impact on your school setting, helping leaders at all levels to support and challenge their colleagues effectively, can benefit conversations about school improvement, and can support the establishment of a future vision or re-evaluating existing goals and strategies. Each BPSI Coach has something different to offer, ensuring you will find one that best meets the needs of your school setting. From 3rd March, you will be able to view the profiles of individual coaches on the Coaching page of the BPSI website.

Those interested in taking part in the BPSI Coaching Offer can attend the free information session on 3rd March, find more information at the BPSI Coaching page, or email Katie Dawbarn at Profiles for BPSI Coaches will be uploaded on the BPSI website on 3rd March, so schools can directly sign-up with the coach best suited to their needs.

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