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Neurodiversity Poster Winners

This March, to celebrate Neurodiversity Week 2023 we held a poster competition for Barnet students. Students were asked to design a poster that celebrated the message of Neurodiversity. Neurodiversity describes the ways in which we all think and communicate in different ways and it’s important we celebrate the value of this.

We had 31 brilliant entries to the competition. To choose the winning entries we consulted the Barnet professionals, Neurodivergent adults and Neurodivergent students. Seven winning poster entries were chosen, design by eight young people. The winners were awarded with a £25 book token and all entrants were awarded a certificate for their excellent efforts.

The winners posters will now be shown around various locations in Barnet to celebrate Neurodiversity in the year ahead, including Barnet libraries, Barnet council settings and healthcare and educational settings. Please do print these posters out and display them in your setting.

Thank you to all those involved.

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