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Welcome to BELS

Welcome to the new Barnet Education and Learning Service site! You will find information about the training and traded services we offer to schools and settings in Barnet and Greater London, as well as useful information for our community.

As an excellent place for pupils to learn and grow, Barnet Council has had many long-term education strategies in place. As a result, you may still see the “Cambridge Education” logo on some older documents as opposed to the BELS logo you have come to recognise. In 2020, Mott MacDonald (trading as Cambridge Education) informed Barnet Council of a ‘Force Majeure’ event as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In light of this, Barnet Council and Mott MacDonald decided that the termination of the Education and Skills contract between them would be the most appropriate course of action, so as to minimise schools’ concerns and avoid any disruption in services. After a consultation, Barnet Council decided the best way forward would be to transfer the Education and Skills service to a company that would be wholly owned by the Council, leading to the creation of Barnet Education and Learning Service (BELS). The same Education and Skills staff and management team from Cambridge Education was retained during the transfer, which has allowed our schools and settings to continue receiving the same quality of support when they needed it most.

Barnet Education and Learning Service offers traded services and trainings to equip schools and settings in Barnet and Greater London with the latest tools and programmes to improve school standards. We are proud to play a part in creating resilient communities where pupils are high-achieving and to empower teachers and governors with the information they need to meet the needs of pupils in a changing world.

We provide schools and settings with everything they need to help pupils achieve their goals, whether through the innovative Barnet Partnership for School Improvement or through one of our excellent Post-16 programmes. BELS has developed partnerships with different schools and organisations throughout Barnet and Greater London, allowing us to provide relevant programmes to schools and settings that are rich in opportunities for children and young people to thrive.

In addition to staying abreast of new developments and best practices, many of our team members have previous experience in education. This means the support we provide is not only informed by the best research available but ensures that you are provided with a practical plan to implement these strategies in your classroom. Further, our team works to highlight the unique strengths and opportunities in each learning environment and encourages teachers to use their creativity and expertise to create an engaging learning experience that is tailored to the needs of their pupils.

By taking this approach, our services have been demonstrated to lead to excellent outcomes for schools and settings, as well as their pupils, by seeing higher Ofsted rankings and increased pupil attainment in the schools where we work.

Interested in learning more about our services? See what we have on offer and find a more detailed explanation on the impact our services can have in your school or setting.

Looking for upcoming events? View our ‘Events’ page to see what’s on and find links to book into upcoming trainings.

Continue to visit the site in the coming weeks to learn more about the exciting things happening in the BELS community in our News section.

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