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‘Oh What a night!’ – Barnet Schools’ Dance Festival returns after Covid, to cheers and applause

The sparkling lights at the Arts Depot shone once more as dedicated staff and volunteers, dusted off the props and children limbered up, ready to perform to a live audience. The Dance Festival featured 65 schools and 1,500 dancers from Barnet.

Backstage, the sense of nervous excitement was almost tangible as children of all ages waited in anticipation for their turn.

What a sight to behold as the captivated audience were treated to a dance extravaganza: Jazz, contemporary dance as well as re-creations from famous children’s books and films. Family and friends in the packed auditorium relished the chance for the kind of escapism that had eluded them for the past two years.

After each spine-tingling performance, proud parents and carers expressed their appreciation with rapturous applause and cheers whilst the recipients on stage, beamed with joy and satisfaction.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the festival and in particular Barnet Partnership for School Sport who has enabled our young people to participate in this incredible event.

More information about the Dance Festival and photos from the event can be found at

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