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Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023 - Poster Competition

We are looking for three poster designs that we can share around Barnet for Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023.

What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

Neurodiversity refers to a world where neurological differences are recognised and respected as all other human variations. Depending on how our brains are wired, we think, move, process information and communicate in different ways. Many people in our community use neurodiversity as an umbrella term used to describe alternative thinking styles such as Dyslexia, DCD (Dyspraxia), Dyscalculia, Autism and ADHD. Regardless of labels, neurodiversity is about recognising those who think differently. This is a week to spread the word about Neurodiversity and how important it is to accept and celebrate difference

How do I design a poster for Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

Are you a young person in Barnet aged 4-18? Check out Neurodiversity Celebration Week to read more about what the week means. Design a poster that highlights key points about Neurodiversity, and how we can support Neurodivergent people (using IT or art supplies). Send us your poster or a scan of your poster via email, and your poster could be shown all across Barnet!

Please send any entries to by 19 March 2023

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