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T-Level Students Complete Expert Sessions at MDX to Progress Towards Potential Career in Healthcare

Health T Level students from Saracens High School have embarked upon their T Level Insight Hours with expert sessions led by midwifery academics from Middlesex University. Barnet Education and Learning Service (BELS), Saracens High School and Middlesex University worked in partnership to identify the most relevant elements of the curriculum to include in the programme.


Tracy Parrott, Senior Curriculum Adviser at BELS said:

“Part of my role is to support schools and colleges within Barnet with T Level planning and delivery. Working in partnership to map such a meaningful programme was a privilege and is an example of excellent collaboration between BELS, Saracens High School and Middlesex University. Designing this model demonstrates BELS are committed to extending the opportunities for Barnet’s young people to ensure they can access exciting and relevant technical and vocational qualifications and are well-prepared for all elements of the qualification.”

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