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UK Reading Road Map 2023/24

As many of you already know, the UK Reading Road Map is a successful reading scheme that was created by the Islington Schools Libraries Service in 2016. It is designed to both encourage children to read for pleasure and as a resource for children, carers, and educators to become familiar with a wide range of newly published titles.

The Schools Libraries Resources Service is delighted to offer the 2023/24 Reading Road Map to all primary and secondary schools in Barnet for the fifth year in a row. The scheme is now widely used in 13 London boroughs and 14 local authorities nationally. The feedback on the quality of texts, diversity of authors and the impact that the selection of books has had in creating reading communities in schools is impressive. Aim of the UK Reading Road Map:

  • to promote reading for pleasure across schools nationally

  • to raise SAT’s levels across schools

  • to engage reluctant readers

  • to challenge more able readers

  • to support teachers, children, and carers by signposting them to new authors.

Four Reading Road Maps will be available to Barnet schools this autumn:

  • The Adventure Reading Map (this map targets parents and carers reading to their children in Years 1 & 2) (30 titles)

  • The UK Reading Road Map for years 3 & 4 (40 titles)

  • The Barnet Reading Road Map for years 5 & 6 (60 titles)

  • The UK Reading Road Map for years 7 & 8 (35 titles)

How does the Reading Road Map work?

The maps, books, stickers and certificates are delivered directly to schools in September/October. Some run the scheme from within classrooms; others set aside space during lunchtimes; other schools use their libraries to manage the challenge. Children have from October to July to read as many of the books as they would like. They are rewarded with stickers and certificates to encourage them to continue their reading journey.

For more information on the scheme and to pre-order your resources, email

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